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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Media management workshop for Police Officers

Participants of the workshop with Mr S. Dorairaj, SP
Tamilnadu Police Academy, Chennai organised an one-day workshop on 14th June 2011 to 25 senior Police Officers drawn from various districts of Tamilnadu.  Officers in the rank of Inspectors, Deputy SPs and Addl. SPs participated in the workshop.
There is a general perception among the people that even an insignificant event gets 'sensationalised' by the media and some time, taken to national media level.  It is also perceived that during sensitive investigations, the plans and movement of the police team is also projected through media, causing inconvenience for the investigation process. On the other hand, media professionals also accuse police officers not being transparent and not sharing the information in the public interest.  
This one-day workshop provided an opportunity to the participating police officers, to understand the changing trends in media and the importance of maintaining a good relationship with media professionals, for mutual advantage.
K. Srinivasan (Chairman, Prime Point Foundation) and John Arokiaswamy (COO, Good Relations India Ltd) handled the sessions providing various situations leading to sensationalisation of news.  They also offered tips to handle such situations more professionally.  They screened various news shows, that were sensationalised with various case studies.  Mr P A Narrendran, another senior corporate communication professional also joined them to provide expert views.
Various senior professionals like Bhagwan Singh (Consulting Editor, Deccan Chronicle),  Nurullah (Senior Tamil journalist),  Prem Shankar (ET Now) and  Narendra (Fomrer Media Advisor to Prime Minister) were called over phone from the class room for interaction session.
Mr S, Dorairaj, Superintendent of Police, Police Academy handled the session on 'Image Management' for the Police.  Prateep Philip, IG of Police, Police Academy gave valedictory address.
This  is a good initiative by the Police Academy.  We have also suggested them to arrange for similar workshops for senior level police officers, so that they could also understand the nuances of professional media management.  
Please see the photo stream:

Wednesday 8 June 2011

TN Police Academy conducts one-day workshop on communication for Police officers

Tamilnadu Police Academy
Tamilnadu Police Academy, Chennai was set up by the Government of Tamilnadu to provide highest standard of training to senior police officers.  The Academy built over 130 acres of land, has excellent infrastructural facilities to offer the best training to even the top level Police Officers.
On 7th June 2011, the Academy organised an one-day workshop for the officers at Sub Inspector and Inspector level working at the field level.  The focus of the workshop was to provide or enhance their communication skills, so that they could be more effective in discharging their duties and handling the general public. Around 25 participants across Tamilnadu participated.
K. Srinivasan, Prime Point Foundation was requested to handle two sessions (a) Listening skills and (b) Assertive Communication.  
The sessions included games and role-plays to effectively communicate the techniques of communication and listening habits.  Mr John Arokiaswamy, Chief Operating Officer, Good Relations India Ltd and a communication expert also joined with K. Srinivasan and provided expert views during games and role plays.  
Mr S. Dorairaj, Superintendent of Police and Mr Panneerselvam, Addl Supdt. of Police of TN Police Academy joined at the end of the session and delivered valedictory address.
Police Officers at the field level are connecting the common man with the administration.  At the same time, they have the greatest responsibility of maintaining law and order.  More often, due to pressure of work and pressure from various quarters, their health is affected.  Developing good communication skill will help them to handle their profession more efficiently  and to avoid health problems.  
I appreciate TN Police Academy for taking such pro-active initiative to provide communication skills to their field level officers.  My suggestion is to extend such workshops even to senior level officers from Superintendent of Police, so that they could also get the benefit of enhancing their communication skills. Good communication skills will reduce their mental pressure.
Please see the photo show"

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