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Friday 20 April 2012

Knowledge driven communication - an initiative by Adfactors PR

Communication professionals in the session
Adfactors PR, India's leading Public Relations Agency has moved to a spacious premises a couple of weeks back at Mumbai and Delhi visualising their long term business growth.  Mr Madan Bahal, Managing Director of Adfactors PR invited me to visit their new facilities and to address their communication professionals.  Adfactors PR ranks in the top 10 among the Asian PR agencies and also in the top 100 at global level.  They are No 1 in India for their revenue.

I visited them on 19th April 2012. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr Madan Bahal himself had come to airport personally to receive me.  I was highly impressed with his humbleness and simplicity, in spite of his holding top slot in the industry.  

The centrally located new premises in Mumbai has nearly 50000 sft of carpet area in three floor.  I am told that no PR agency in the world has so much of space, that too in a single location.

Many meeting halls, conference halls, gym with latest equipments, recreation centre, pantry, canteen, spacious working table were highly impressive.  An excellent library with books, periodicals is a star attraction.  They plan to add audio and video books also.  The new facility can accommodate nearly 450 employees.

In all the three floors, they have brought out ancient Indian wisdom through paintings.

They have a new conference hall meant for conducting press conferences fitted with the latest gadgets.  I had the opportunity of addressing their communication professionals in this hall.  Probably, I had the unique honour and opportunity of inaugurating this conference hall by addressing them. 

During the course of my discussions with nearly 50 plus of their professionals, i was taking them to the glory of communication strategies in the early Ramayana and Mahabarata days, which are relevant event today.  The discussions ranged from the new PRSA definition to the clients' expectations to the traiditional media to social media.

I insisted on bridging the 'knowledge gap' of the professionals to keep themselves updated.  This could be possible only through constant updating of their knowledge.  I suggested to them to attend to the seminars, conferences and to join the communication groups and participate in debates.

I was also focussing on the need for getting International Accreditation from institutes like IABC, PRSA, CIPR to become globally competitive. 

Mr Madan Bahal was present throughout taking notes of the discussions.  Finally, I made a small request to Mr Madan Bahal.  Since they have such a huge infrastructure and facility, they can also start an initiative to organise workshops, seminars and discussions for the middle level and senior level professionals of the PR and communication industry.  More than 10,000 professionals are working in Public Relations and Corporate communication segment in India.  As on date, there is no proper mechanism for bridging the knowledge gap.

Since, the tag line of Adfactors PR itself is 'knowledge driven communication', they can take up the initiative to strengthen the knowledge base of industry.  Mr Madan promised to take it forward.  

I even suggested the name as 'Adfactors Academy', which can functions on the lines of National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune.  NIBM provides training support to the Bank officials at senior and top management level, to update their knowledge.  NIBM is supported by all the Banks.  Now even senior bankers from other countries prefer to take training here.  

All PR bodies, PR Agencies and Corporates can join hands to take it forward.

Please watch the pictures.


Saturday 14 April 2012

Top performing MPs honoured with Sansad Ratna Awards 2012

Prime Point Foundation, Chennai every year honours the top performing Parliamentarians during April / May for their performance till the end of Part I of Budget Session of that year.  

3rd Annual Awards function was held at Indian Institute of Technology-Madras on Saturday the 14th April 2012, to honour the following four MPs with 'Sansad Ratna Award'. Details of the individual performance is given in our earlier posting.

1.  Mr Anandrao Vithoba Adsul, Shiv Sena MP from Amravati, Maharashtra 

2. Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, BJP MP from Chandrapur, Maharastra

3. Mr S S Ramasubbu, Cong MP from Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu
Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi presents the award to Mr S S Ramasubbu MP. K. Srinivasan (left), Mr Era Sezhiyan (centre) and Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy (right) looking on
4.  Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal, BJP MP from Bikaner, Rajasthan

Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi presents the award to Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal MP. K. Srinivasan (left), Mr Era Sezhiyan (centre) and Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy (right) looking on
The Sansad Ratna Awards-2012 were presented by Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Former Governor of West Bengal (grand son of Mahatma Gandhi), in the presence of Mr Era Sezhiyan, veteran Parliamentarian and Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Director of IIT-M.

Mr Anandrao Adsul and Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir could not be physically be present to receive the Awards.  However they interacted with the audience through 'mobile' from their place.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had given an exclusive message for this function, which was recorded on 10th April 2012.  This video was screened for the benefit of the audience.  In his message, Dr Abdul Kalam suggested the politicians to become 'role models' by undertaking 'inspiring action'.  He said, that would further inspire the youth to take up politics and governance.  His message is separately published in the next posting.

After presenting the Awards, Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi , in his inspiring and poetic speech, appealed to every one not to slander the Parliament.  He said, it would amount to slandering ourselves.  He also quoted that there were various acts enacted by the Parliament to prevent dowry, untouchability, etc.  Still, the society violated such acts and followed their own practises.   His inspiring speech and the full text is published separately.  

A National Seminar on 'Youth in Politics and Governance - Challenges and Opportunities' was held earlier with Mr S S Ramasubbu MP, Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal MP and Mr R Bhagwan Singh, Executive Editor of Deccan Chronicle as panelists.  This panel discussed encouraged the educated and service minded youth to enter into politics to take forward the wheels of the nation.  

There was another panel discussion in the evening to discuss the 'Role of Civil Society'. Ms Jothimani (Cong), Ms Vanati Srinivasan (BJP), Ms Revathy (CPM), Ms Ajitha Karthikeyan (Political journalist) and Ms Bhavana Upadyaya (Social activist) as panelists.  This panel discussed the various issues that are preventing the youth to enter into politics.

The purpose of this seminar is to discourage the 'cynical' attitude of the society against 'politics as an institution' and to  applaud good politicians, who are running the country.    This seminar was organised jointly Prime Point Foundation and Humanities and Social Science Department of IIT, Madras.

The event was anchored by Sneha Gore and Bhanu Gomes.

Indian Overseas Bank supported this event as main sponsors.  

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank and Corporation Bank also supported this event.  Good Relations india was the PR Partner for this event.

Please see the photo stream.


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