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Sunday 28 September 2008

Role of Indian Public Sectors and PR in the National building

Mr S Anshar Shah, Chief Manager (PR), Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Chennai, one of the largest refineries in South India retires from the services of CPCL on 30th September 2008. Mr Ansar Shah is also one of the co-founders of Public Sector PR Forum (PSPRF) and he is the President of the Forum since its inception. PSPR Forum organised a felicitation and farewell function at Chennai on 26th September 2008.

In the picture below, Mr Vadiyanathan, Secretary of PSPR Forum (left) and Mr N Ravi, Treasurer of PSRP Forum (extreme right) are seen felicitating Mr Ansar Shah (centre) with Shawl and bouquet for his contribution to the PR movement.

Mr K K Acharya, Managing Director of CPCL was the Chief Guest. Besides, many eminent personalities like Mr Ganesan (Director General of Doordarshan, Delhi), Mr Deenadayalam (Former Chairman of CPCL), Mr Ramalingam (Former Chairman of CPCL) fecilitated Mr Ansar Shah. Many Senior Journalists of the City and representatives of Media also participated int he event. It is an unique event where a Public Relations professional is felicitated for his achievements by the Media professionals and his own past and present CEOs.

Picture below : Mr Ganesan , Mr Ansar Shah, Mr K K Acharya, Mr Deenadayalan Mr Ramalingam, N Ravi
Mr K K Acharya in his felicitation speech gave a detailed account of how Public Sector organisations in India are contributing to the National development. He also emphasised the need for Public Relations in transparent communication, so that people get the right message at the right time. Please listen to his speech.
(This podcast needs a broadband of minimum 150 kbps. If there is a lower bandwidth, you can wait till the buffer gets completed and then play to get the proper view. or you can download this in your desktop and listen)- Please click to play
You can also watch this podcast in the following link
You may download in wmv format (can be played in windows media player) - Right click and save to your desktop

Friday 26 September 2008

National Media Conference 2008 in India - A Roundup

A National Media Conference and Exhibition 2008 was organised by Brahmakumaris (a well knwon spiritual organisation) and Global Forum for Public Relations (GFPR) at Mount Abu from 20th September 2008. Around 2000 media and PR professionals across the country and Nepal participated.

Many eminent professionals shared their views on the current trends in media and communication. Please watch the podcast on the National Conference- Roundup. Rajayogi B K Karuna, Vice Chairman of Media Wing of Brahmakumaris and also the President of GFPR explains the purpose and the proceedings.

(streaming of this podcast will be good in the broadband of minimum 150 kbps. If it is less than this, you may download and then watch fully or allow this to buffer fully and then watch)

You may also watch this podcast from the following links




If you want to download the podcast in wmv format (you an play in windows media player),
right click here and save to your desktop

Wednesday 24 September 2008

National Media Conference - Social Media: An overview

Report by K. Srinivasan

In the National Media Conference held on 22nd September 2008, I delivered a talk ln 'Social Media'. Please watch the podcast and listen to my talk. (14 m)

You may also watch this podcast in the following link

To download this file in wmv format (can be played in media player) - Right click here and save to desktop

Monday 22 September 2008

Live from Mount Abu - National Media Conference - Second Day

Report by K. Srinivasan from Mount Abu (Rajasthan, India)

Plenary Session II - 22nd September 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM

The Second day sessions started with the disussions on "Role of Mass Media in changing scenario".  B K Nikunj (Chairman of GFPR, Mumbai) initiated the discussions.  Prof. K C Mouli (Bhopal), Akshay Kumar (Former Director PR of Prime Minister of India), Devendra Patel (Consujlting Editor, Sandesh, Ahemadabad), Vijay Saihgal (Former Editor of Tribune, Chandigarh), K. Srinivasan (Prime Point, Chennai) shared their views.  (see picture below)

Speakers emphasised that Media was not above law and they had to function with more responsibility to the society.  One of the speakers pointed out that though the media was doing great job, they are caught like 'Abhimanyoo' in Mahabaratha war.  They find it difficult to come out of the various influences. Another speaker pointed out that because of the reporting by media, the Courts have taken up the genuine cases suo-moto and punished the culprits.  One speaker mentioned that the media is a double eduged weapon and needed to be handed carefully.

Social media came in for discussion.  How the social media has started influencing the youngsters and the need for following cyber laws was also discussed.  (In the picture below B K Nikunj is initiating the debate)

Panel Discussion - Need for socially committed media - 3.30 pm to 6 pm
In this session Prof. Pradeep Mathur (IIMC, Delhi), Madhurjee (CPRO, IIIT, Roorke), Jai Krishna Gaur (Govt. of MP, Bhopal), Anil Kumar Anal (Nepal), Shyam Kumar (Lucknow), Dr R L Jalan (Jaipur) parfticipated and shared their views.  (picture see below)
Valedictory Session - Spritualism for holistic and sustainable development  6.30 pm 8.00 pm
B K Om Prakash, Chair Person of Meida Wing of Bramakumaris chaired the session.  Dr V M Prasad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Univeristy, Hyderabad) delivered the valedictory address.  B K Sarala (Vice President, GFPR) concluded the sessions.
Nine Point resolution was also passed.  The resolutions demanded ethical and responsible reporting by the media; establishment of a Media Council;  coordination of PR and Media for Nation building, etc. (see picture below)
A special mention need to be mentioned about the large contigent of delegates from Hyderabad, representing GFPR.  They also demanded an one-day Public Relations Conclave at Hyderabad to enable the participation by South Indian professionals.   (see picture below - Hyderabad delegates).  
A mention has to be made about the environment and finest arrangements made to the delegates, including accommodation, food, meditation sessions, etc.  Around 1600 delegates representing various Media and PR organisations participated in the two day Conference. 

Live from Mount Abu - National Public Relations Conclave

21st Sep 2008 - Afternoon - PR Conclave - Session 1 (picture ab ove)

Theme : Emerging New India

Rajayogi B K Karuna, Chief of Media Wing of Brahmakumaris and President of GFPR welcomed and stressed the role of communication professionals in the Nation building. Dr C V N Reddy (Hyderabad), Dr V M Prasad (Professor in JNTU, Hyderabad), Mr Ananya Mehta (Professor of Symbiosis), Mumtaz Fatima (Vice President of GFPR) and K. Srinivasan (Prime Point) shared the views. All the speakers stressed the role of communication professionals in building the Nation. After the financial crisis in USA, India is likely to emerge as a financial giant in the world. Hence, the need for preparing ourselves to face the new paradigm was discussed. B K Aditi (Secretary of GFPR, Delhi) coordinated the session.

Session II was focussing on the paradigm shift and enhancing the values.

Prof. K C Murali (Bhopal), Dr A P Natarjan (Hyderabad), Ms Manju Wadgekar (PGIMER, Chandigarh), Kamalesh Meena (Rajasthan Govt), Madhuarjee (IIIT, Roorkee), Vasanth K Sharma (Northern Railway, Jaipur) aad)nd P B Raghavendra Rao (Hyderabad) spoke stressed the need for developing value in the profession. They also insisted on how CSR has to become the part of PR profession. (See pictures below). B K Heena of Perfect Relations, Mumbai coordinated the entire session.

Sunday 21 September 2008

Live from Mount Abu - National Media Conference - Inauguration

Reporting from Mount Abu - K. Srinivasan

National Media Conference organised by Brahmakumaris and Global Forum for Public Relations was inaugurated on Sunday the 21st September 2008 here. Mr B K Om Prakash, Chairperson, Media Wing from Indore and Mr B K Karuna, Vice Chairperson of Media Wing from Mount Abu explained the objectives of the Conference. The inauguration was formally done by lighting lamps (see picture above)

It was followed by the first Plenaruy Session with Dr C V Narasimha Reddy, Editor, PR Voice from Hyderabad chairing the session. Prof. Pradeep Mathu from IIMC, Delhi, Mr Akshya Kumar, Former Advisor to Indian Prime Minister, Dr Sudhakar, Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad, Mr Sarat Mishra, Publisher and Editor of Samaj Daily, Cuttack and Mr N K Sindh, Political Editor of ETV, Delhi shared their views. (phto below)

The following points emerged during their talks:.
1. Presently, Indian Media is giving importance to 4Cs (Cricket, crime, cinema and celebrities). Vision is needed for Media and they should focus more on developmental communication.
2. Empowerment of journalists
3. Any freedom without restriction leads to chaos; Media has to develop National responsibility;
4. Media is accused of promoting sex and violence. They are also accused of glorifying the criminals;
5. Media should function like a watchdog;
6. Media should follow positive approach; get themselves prepared for that and train the journalists towards that purpose;
7. Valued based journalism is getting eroded. Spritualism plays a greater role to develop values and systems;
8.Media instead of reflecting the community voice, reflects only the corporate voice; Instead of public interest, media has developed commercial interest;
9. TV Channels have changed the culture of our country, which could not be done by even Britishers during their 200 years rules.
10. There is a disconnect between mass media and the masses (general public);
11. Media should develop self code of conduct, keeping the public at large.


Live from Mount Abu - National Media Conference and Exhibition 2008

Reporting from Mount Abu - K., Srinivasan

A National Media Conference and Exhibtion is being organised on 21 and 22nd September 2008 at Shanthivan, Abu Road (Rajasthan) by Brahmakumaris and Global Forum for Public Realations (GFPR). A grand receiption was held for the delgatges and speakers on Saturday the 20th September 2008 evening. An exhibition was also inaugurated depicting the various activities of the Media and PR wing of Brahmakumaris.

There are more discussions on 21st and 22nd on the various aspects of Media and Public Relations in India. I will try to report live and also podcast on the two day event.

Photo top: Reception meeting
Photo below : Section of the audience ( aroiund 2000 people participated)


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