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Saturday 6 December 2003

International Volunteers Day - Seminar on Volunteerism

International Volunteers Day - 5th December

Prime Point Foundation has been nominated as a National contact for India for celebrations of International Volunteers day.  As per the proclamation of United Nations General Assembly of 1985, 5th December of every year is being celebrated as 'International Volunteers day' to honour all the volunteers working in various projects world over.  

The Foundation organised a "seminar on volunteerism" on 5th December 2003 at Stenographers' Guild, Chennai (a pioneer professional educational institution)
International volunteers day 5th December 2003

Dr J Ranganathan, Researcher, United Habitat, India is seen speaking on the various social activities of the United Nations.  Left to right : Mr K. Srinivasan (Chairman of the Foundation), Mr S V Ramaswamy (President, Stenographers Guild), Mr Prakash M Swamy (former UN Correspondent) 

Mr Prakash M Swamy, Former UN Correspondent spoke on the role of media in spreading the message of peace and good works done by the voluneers.  A Section of the audience is seen discussing with each other on the future projects.
A section of the students - participants is seen listening to the speakers.  Since the Foundation has been selected as a 'National contact' for India, the participants have decided to create more and more awareness on 'volunteerism' and to ensure a minimum of  100 such celebrations / events in India during the next year.

Thursday 13 November 2003

Prime Point Foundation launches Training Division

The Training Division of the Foundation was launched on Monday the 10th November, 2003 at Chennai (Madras) by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Sankaracharya Swamigal of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, one of the most respected Hindu Saints of India, at the Stenographers' Guild premises.

The Training Division will provide training to corporates and industries on various aspects of management like finance, marketing, crisis management, reputation risk management, quality management, technology management, cyber security, etc.  Very eminent professionals of the city will be associating with the Foundation for providing inputs.  The Foundation has plans to conduct 'Diploma courses' in Management and Communication to the students.
His Holiness Sri Kanchi Sankaracharya Swamigal listening to K. Srinivasan

His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal listening to Mr K. Srinivasan, Chairman of the Foundation who briefs about  the activities of the Foundation 

K. Srinivasan welcoming His Holiness K. Srinivasan, Chairman of the Foundation welcomed His Holiness. In his welcome address, he explained the need  to sharpen the skills and knowledge of the employees of organisations, through workshops and trainings.

During the welcome speech, Srinivasan also emphasised the need for inclusion of Corporate communication as a full paper in the management schools
His Holiness launching the training division by handing over the plaque to K. Srinivasan

His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal launching the training division , by handing over the 'blessed' plaque to K. Srinivasan, Chairman of the Foundation
Mr T S Raghavan, Former Chairman of Indian Bank, one of the leading banks of India will be the 'patron' of this division and guide on the inputs of workshops

During the function, His Holiness also presented the certificates to all those who underwent one month course on "Public Relations and corporate communication" conducted by the Foundation jointly with Stenographers' Guild.
 Mr M Kuppan receiving the Ceritificate from His Holiness
Even very senior professionals attended the course.  Mr M Kuppan (61), a retired senior official from Indian Institute of Technology is seen receiving the certificate from His Holiness  Mr S V Ramaswamy, President of the Stenographers Guild is seen helping His Holiness
A section of eminent personalities of the city looking on
Many eminent personalities of the City participated in the   programme.  A section of such personalities listening to the address of His Holiness, who spoke on the importance of 'mind to mind communication' for better management.

The full text of the speech by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal on "Management and communication"  

Rediscover mind-to-mind communication to understand others

To improve our various knowledge skills many training methods are being imparted these days. Man is born with the basic knowledge and average mind-skills. His circumstances, his lifestyle and maturity that comes with age make him realize the need for further training and shape his skills for self-improvement.

Similarly youngsters and even experienced elders are being trained here to further their skills and employment opportunities. Srinivasan described Narada and Hanuman as brilliant communicators from our scriptures. They were endowed with such communication skills that they were in touch with not just this world but the entire universe. 

Science has revolutionized communication that in a matter of seconds you can exchange information across the world through internet, satellites and telephony. Our forefathers, though not blessed with such modern gadgetry, were still excellent communicators. Since they did not have the facilities and opportunities to pass on these skills to posterity we are compelled to fashion communication courses to suit our present needs. What we today describe as “new communication” is actually a legacy from our illustrious past. 

Raghavan of Indian Bank has written so much on management. Again our spiritual heroes like Rama and Hanuman were very capable managers themselves. The Bhagavad Gita is replete with management mantras. Management might be a specialized study today, but we have always been the beneficiaries of unspoken practical management skills experienced at our homes and administrative excellence of some of our great kings in the past. Much of our management skills were born out of pragmatism and homegrown wisdom and not due to any formal training. 

But these days the need for certificates has made it mandatory for starting such formal courses in management and communication. But in the past our forefathers were great experts in “mind-to-mind” communication. Like present day psychologists they could grasp what goes on in another person’s mind. This had fostered understanding and amity.  
In spite of a plethora of such communication courses interpersonal communication has deteriorated today leading to personal and social tensions. We need to rejuvenate this tradition of understanding the feelings of others, which was practised with great acumen and skill by our forefathers. The ability of some doctors who could diagnose the illness of their patient with just one look and a single touch was a further refinement of this skill to communicate. 

The talent to judge a person’s mind by his face is the ultimate form of communication and management. This talent abounded in our past and it is time we rediscover this glorious tradition through such courses.

(True translation by Mr G C Sekhar, Special correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chennai)

Sunday 7 September 2003

Certificate course on Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Prime Point Foundation was incepted with one of the main objectives of creating Public Relations awareness amongst the various Corporates and students.  As part of the objective, the Foundation has started a month long 'Certificate course on Public Relations and Corporate communication' at Chennai in association with Stenographers' Guild, one of the pioneer Institutions providing professional education.    The programme was inaugurated on 5th September 2003 by Shri T Theethan, Accountant General, Tamilnadu.
Mr K Srinivasan explaining a point to the participants

The course includes introduction to Public Relations, evolution of PR in the global level and  in India, Internal communication, Media Relations, drafting of Press releases, Internet as a PR tool, Image Audit, Drafting of Public Relations Policy, PR Plans and PR Budget, crisis communication, etc.  The entire programme has been designed to suit the Corporates for their day to day communication management.

The faculty include Mr K. Srinivasan, Chairman of the Foundation, Mr Balaji, CEO, Mediaone Advertising, Mr Anand, Asia News International, etc. The participants are being given exposure in drafting of Press Releases, drafting of questionnaire for an Image Audit, drafting of a PR plans, etc.

The participants are seen working on  press release with the guidance of Sri K. Srinivasan
The Foundation plans to conduct similar programmes in future for different segments.   The certificates were awarded to the participants on Monday the 10th November 2003 by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Sankaracharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.  


Tuesday 12 August 2003

Presentation of India Vision Awards to the winners of essay competition

Prime Point Foundation had instituted awards for the College students of Tamilnadu for the best essays on "India Vision 2020 - Role of youth in building strong India".  The essays were evaluated by a team of Jury headed by Prof. Y S Rajan. Prof. Y S Rajan is the Scientific Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab and Chairman of the Board of Governors / Vice Chancellor of the Punjab Technical University.  Prof. Y S Rajan is also the co-author of the book 'India 2020' jointly with Dr. Abdul Kalam, President of India. The Foundation received 250 essays from 109 Colleges / Universities.

Greetings message from His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu

Prime Point Foundation received a Greetings message from His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu

Since the awards have been sponsored by Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, one of the leading banking software developers, this award has been named as "Laser Soft Award"
The winners were given the awards by Prof. Y S Rajan himself on Friday the 8th August 2003, at Madras in a function organised by the Foundation at Hotel Palmgrove, Madras.  His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu had  sent his greetings to the Foundation and to the winners.
Section of the audience attending India Vision Awards
The function was attended by eminent persons of Madras City. A section of the audience.  Mr R Nurullah, Administrator of the Award and a senior journalist of the City is seen anchoring the 'Award ceremony'
Mr S Vadivelan receiving the first prize for his Tamil essay

Mr S Vadivelan, (III Year Diploma in Teacher Education, District Institute of Education and Training, Pudukkottai) won the first prize for his Tamil essay.  He is seen receiving the awards from Prof. Y S Rajan.  Mrs Lakshmi Sriram (one of the Jury), Mr K. Srinivasan (Chairman of the Foundation) and Mr George Phillips (Executive Director, Laser Soft Infosystems Limited) looking on.
Ms V S Meenakkshi receiving the first prize for English essay

Ms V S Meenakkshi ( II Year B E, Valliammai Engineering College, Kattangulathur,  603 203) is seen receving the first prize for her English Essay from Prof. Y S Rajan.  Ms Lakshmi Sriram, Mr K. Srinivasan and Mr George Phillips are looking on.
Prof Mamota Das receiving the 'Certificate of apprreciation'
Prof. Mamota Das, Professor and Head, Department of Education, Annamalai University, Chidambaram had submitted 29 essays in a single lot.  She had motivated her students to participate in the essay contest.  In appreciation of her 'motivating the students', the Foundation presented her a certificate of appreciation.
Award winners with juries - India Vision Award by Prime Point Foundation

Sitting Left to Right - R Nurullah (Administrator of the Award), Lakshmi Sriram (Jury), K. Srinivasan (Chairman of the Foundation), Prof. Y S Rajan (Chairman, Jury Committee), George Phillips (Executive Director, Laser Soft)
Standing Left to Right - Prof. Mamota Das, S Vadivelan, V S Meenakkshi, T Raj Pravin


During March 2003, the Foundation had announced an essay contest for the college students of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry on "India Vision 2020 - Role of youth in building strong India".  In response to our announcement, the Foundation  had received 250 essays from 109 Institutions located in  55 centres.  Highest number of entries were received from Annamalai University. Out of 35 essays received from this University, 29 essays were submitted by Department of Education alone.  Dr.  Mrs Mamota Das, Professor and Head, Department of Education is also being honoured for 'motivating' the highest number of students to participate in this contest.

The Foundation had received 25 entries from 23 Chennai colleges in this contest.  Though we had announced the contest for Tamilnadu and Pondicherry colleges, we did not receive any single entry from Pondicherry.

The essays were evaluated by a team of Jury with Prof. Y S Rajan, an eminent scientist and co-author of the book India 2020 (with His Excellency President Dr Abdul Kalam) as Chairman and Mr T Kannan and Mrs Lakshmi Sriram as members of the committee.  Mr R Nurullah, a senior journalist of the City has functioned as the 'Administrator of the Award'.  The Foundation places on record the valuable services rendered by Mr T Kannan as a Jury, who passed away after completing the works. 

The Foundation is presenting cash awards for the first and second prize winners under each of Tamil and English category.  The Foundation is also presenting Rs.500/- each to ten best essays (5 under Tamil and 5 under English).

The following are the award winners:  


First prize - cash award of Rs.5000/-
Mr S Vadivelan, III Year Diploma in Teacher Education, District Institute of Education and Training, Pudukkottai
Second Prize - cash award of Rs.3000/-
Mr N Srinivasa Gopalan, IV Year B E, St. Josephs College of Engineering, Chennai 600118 (since completed the course)  


First Prize - cash award of Rs.5000/-
Ms V S Meenakkshi, II Year B E, Valliammai Engineering College, Kattangulathur,  603 203
Second Prize - cash award of Rs.3000/-
Mr T Raj Pravin, III Ph D., Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003
These awards are sponsored by Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, one of the leading Banking software developers of India.  


From 15th August 2003, Sri Krishna Sweets will be distributing phamlets through all their Chennai outlets.  All the School and College students are eligible to participate.   They may have to write in 10 lines what / how they would like to contribute for achieving India Vision in any one of the six areas viz. (1) Rural development, (2) Science and Technology application, (3) Industrial growth,  (4) Primary health and education, (5) Increasing efficiency in work and (6) Harmony in society.  This campaign would motivate the young students to think in terms of their own personal  'contribution to the Nation building', instead of giving mere suggestions and advices.  Best entries will receive the awards from Sri Krishna Sweets, one of the leading Corporates of Tamilnadu  


The Foundation has already launched a website http://www.indiavision2020.org and this website would contain only articles which are positive in nature.  Any student may join the India Vision club through this website and discuss the strategies.  Prof. Y S Rajan has also agreed to monitor  the discussions and guide the students wherever required.   

Thursday 3 April 2003

Effective communication for successful career - Workshop

A workshop on "Effective communication for successful career" was held on Sunday the 30th March 2003 at Hall of Guines 68, Anna University, Chennai.  The workshop had four sessions. The programme was conducted free of cost to the participants and it was sponsored by Arvind Foundation, Viruddhachalam, a non profit public trust promoting rural development. 

Background materials containing various important aspects of preparing CV, facing interviews in person and through phone, etc. was distributed to the participants.  Click here for background materials
Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan explaining certain points to the participants on communication gap

Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan, Chief Post Master General, Tamilnadu inaugurated the workshop and spoke on "Effective Communication - Dos and donts.  In the picture, Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan is seen explaining certain points to the participants on the 'communication gap'
Mr T S Raghavan explaining points to the participants

Mr T S Raghavan, former Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Bank spoke on "You can achieve - have confidence in you". He explained the need for developing self confidence.  He emphasised that every person is gifted with great skills and one should believe that he is capable of achieving. 
Mr B Suresh Kamath listening to the questions of the participants

Mr B Suresh Kamath, Chairman and Managing Director of Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, Chennai, one of the leading banking software product developers spoke on "Current trends in IT Industry and the expectation of employers".  He was encouraging the participants to become entrepreneurs themselves to generate more employment opportunity in the country.  He has assured to give his guidance to anybody who would like to become an entrepreneur.  He can be contacted at lsi@vsnl.com The powerpoint presentation by Mr Suresh Kamath can be downloaded.  Please click here
Dr K M Prabhu talking on 'listening skills' and administering exercises

Dr K M prabhu, Reader in Govt. Arts College, Nandanam and an expert in 'communication skills' spoke about the 'importance of listening skills'.  He also administered an exercise to all the participants.  He proved through this exercise that  many of us are 'poor listeners'.  He emphasised that particularly when the students go for interview, they should develop the 'listening skills'.
Distribution of participation certificate by Dr K M Prabhu and Mr Anand of Aravind Foundation

All the participants were given 'certificate of participation at the end of the programme.  Dr K M Prabhu and Mr Anand, Trustee of Aravind Foundation (sponsors of this workshop) are seen handing over the certificate of participation to one of the participants.  On the mike:  Mr K. Srinivasan, Founder of Prime Point Foundation and Mr Rishe Kumar, Advisory Committee Member

Wednesday 8 January 2003

Essay Competition on India Vision 2020

Prime Point Foundation, a non profit public trust promoting the public relations and communication awareness announces an 'Essay competition' for the College students as follows : 

India Vision 2020 - Role of youth in building strong India
Eligibility for participation
Student of any University / College in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry (Arts, Science, professional colleges, Universities)
No. of words (maximum)
1000  (English or Tamil)
Last date for submission of the essay
31st  March 2003
Other conditions
The essay should be written by the student on his own effort and no reproduction of a published article permitted.  The essay should accompany a certificate to this effect from the Professor.
No entry charges
The essays should be sent by registered post to
Prime Point Foundation, Old No 8 New No 14  Wason Street, T Nagar, Chennai 600017
First Prize
Cash Prize of Rs.5000/- plus to-fro train fare and accommodation at Chennai for attending the award function
Second Prize
Cash prize Rs.3,000/- - plus to-fro train fare and accommodation at Chennai for attending the award function
Chairman of Jury Committee
Dr Y S Rajan, a well known scientist and close associate of Dr Abdul Kalam, President of India

For more details  send mail to prpoint@vsnl.com  (Contact number at Chennai 2814 4285 / 98410 50273)

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