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Friday, 9 June 2017

Forward mania syndrome - Forwarding of images and videos cause unwanted problems to receivers.

In the recent days, many of the WhatsApp users are suffering from "Forward mania syndrome". That means whenever they receive any message in their whatsapp inbox, (including personal messages), their fingers immediately jump to forward to all their contacts, whether it is relevant or irrelevant. They don't understand that they are causing lot of inconvenience to others, unknowingly.

I request all whatsapp users to avoid sending forwarded images and videos to any one, including me. These images and videos will get downloaded in the mobile and cause problems to mobile users. Without the knowledge of the sender and unknowingly every day the sender of such messages causes inconvenience to many mobile users. A survey reveals that more than 95% percent of receivers do not even see the photos and videos. They feel uncomfortable to receive such forwarded images and videos. This is also a wastage of bandwidth.

Everybody can use whatsapp chat or group to send his/her original messages for conversation. If needed they can send YouTube link with proper introduction in the original message. Also do not simply forward the videos, without mentioning about the relevance of such video.

You can share this message with everyone who is in the habit of forwarding everything to others.

By Prime Point Srinivasan


Sansad Ratna Award function 2017 - At a glance - 14 minute video podcast

Sansad Ratna Awardees 2017
On 27 May 2017, 8th Edition of Sansad Ratna Award ceremony was held at Indian Institute of Technology Madras to honour the top performing Parliamentarians of 16th Lok Sabha (up to 10th session). Justice (Retd.) Shri  P. Sathasivam, Hon'ble Governor of Kerala presented the Awards. 

Shri Bhartruhari Mahtab, Shri N.K. Premachandran, Shri Shrirang Barne, Shri Rajiv Satav, Shri Dhananjay Mahadik, Dr Heena Gavit, Shri Sanjay Raut, K. N. Balagopal and Dr. T. N. Seema were honoured with Sansad Ratna Awards.

Hon'ble Union Minister of State (Finance & CA) Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal presided over the function.  This 14 minute podcast video gives the glimpse of the Award function. 


Sansad Ratna Awards 2017 - Photographs and videos of the entire proceedings

The above event was held at IIT Madras on 27th May 2017.  Nine MPs were honoured with Sansad Ratna Awards 2017.  Hon'ble Justice (Retd.) Shri P Sathasivam, The Governor of Kerala presented the Awards.  Shri Arjun Ram meghwal, Hon'ble Union Minister of State (Finance & CA) presided over the event.  Besides there were presentations and panel discussions on subjects of National significance with eminent policy makers and experts.    The links for the photographs and the videos are given below.

All Photographs (Images in jpeg format)

Welcome speech by K. Srinivasan, Chairman, Prime Point Foundation

Felicitation by Shri PP Chaudhary, Hon'ble MOS (Law & Justice)

Key Note address by Prof. Krishnan Balasubrmanian, Dean, IC&SR, IIT Madras

Presidential Address by Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon'ble MOS (Finance & CA)

Award Presentation Ceremony

Address by Hon'ble Justice (Retd.) Shri P Sathasivam, The Governor of Kerala

Vote of Thanks by Dr Sudarshan Padmanabhan, Associate Professor, IIT Madras

Interactive Session with Award winning Parliamentarians

Panel Discussion I - National Vision 2022 - Agriculture

Panel Discussion II - Tamil Nadu Vision 2022

Friday, 2 June 2017

Civil Society and Media Should Encourage Performing Parliamentarians and Legislators

The civil society is generally cynical about politicians, and do not differentiate between the performers and non-performers among them.  The society’s perception is that the entire political community is irresponsible, not realising that they were elected from the civil society they belong to.  Be it a bureaucrat, a politician, a professional, an employee or a teacher, they are all from the civil society, which is a conglomerate of people of various characters and value systems. In such an environment, it is unfair to give a sweeping label of ‘bad’ to the politicians in general. 

The media too focusses on the behaviour and sound-bites of only the ‘trouble makers’ among the politicians, giving them the limelight they do not deserve, for the sake sensationalism and TRP ratings.  The real heroes, who are the initiators of discussions and debates in the Parliament are ignored and go unnoticed.  This gives an impression among errant parliamentarians and the people at large, that visibility before the media and the camera is the main objective to be achieved.

Elected politicians govern the state.  If governance is in the hands of good politicians, the people naturally stand to benefit. Way back in 2009, at the end of the 14th Lok Sabha session, the entire country was cynical about politicians and Parliamentarians. A casual remark by Dr Abdul Kalam, “Are we not having good Parliamentarians? Why term all bad?” triggered an idea to the Editorial Team of PreSense to identify and honour the achievers.

At the end of the 8th edition of the Sansad Ratna Awards in 2017, the Editorial Team is pleased and proud that this Award is considered the most prestigious award presented by the civil society to Parliamentarians in recognition of their achievement. The award-winning Parliamentarians acknowledge that this Award has motivated them to strive to perform better.  This is a silent revolution, generating positivity in action.

During the Sansad Ratna Awards 2017 function held at IIT Madras on 27th May, the focus was on two issues, viz. (1) how MPs should think of innovative projects that help their constituencies and (2) the role of the civil society in appreciating the performing Parliamentarians and Legislators, and actively supporting them in the development of the constituency.

The news about these top performing Parliamentarians should reach the people across the nation. Instead of being cynical and arm-chair critics of the politicians in general, the civil society can definitely play a proactive and participatory role by working alongside their elected representatives for betterment of their own society.

(Data Source: PRS India – data relates to the period from 1-6-2014 to 12-4-2017)

by K. Srinivasan, Editor in Chief, PreSense
(This article was published in the May 2017 issue of ezine PreSense as Editorial)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Sansad Ratna 2017 event photos, press matters and live streaming link for downloading

We have made arrangements to upload important Photos of Award function and the Press materials in the google drive.  Media persons and others can download from the link.


We are also making arrangements for live streaming the event from the morning. (subject to seamless internet connectivity).  Webcast may be watched from here.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sansad Ratna 2017 @ IIT Madras on 27th May 2017

8th Edition of Sansad Ratna Awards 2017 and 6th Edition of National Seminar on Politics, Democracy and Governance will be held at IIT Madras on 27th May 2017.  The detailed programme is given below.  This is a great opportunity to interact and listen to India's outstanding Parliamentarians.  We have exclusive lecture sessions and panel discussions with participation by eminent policy makers and experts.    

Interested  may register through the following link. https://goo.gl/4JKatg.  

This programme will be useful for political and civil service aspirants. 

We have also developed an android apps for registration.  This can be downloaded from 

Google Play :

There is no Registration fee.  But registration is a must.  Only limited seats are available. Registration will be closed when the hall capacity is reached. 

Full programme schedule :

8th edition of Sansad Ratna Awards 2017

8th edition of Sansad Ratna Awards 2017


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) discusses Education loan issues with Minister and officials in North Block

(L to R) Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal (MOS Finance ), Shri R N Dubey (Economic Advisor, Department of Financial Services), Shri Gautham (Indian Banks Association) and K. Srinivasan (ELTF)
Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) is one of the social initiatives of eMagazine PreSense.  It is a voluntary initiative since 2010 creating awareness about education loan and also taking up issues in Parliament through supporting MPs.  On 17th February 2017, PreSense and ELTF organised an interactive session at Chennai with Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon'ble Union Minister of State (Finance & Corporate Affairs) to discuss the education loan issues.  Senior bankers from 40 banks and various social workers participated and interacted on the various issues.  During that time, Hon'ble Minister announced that he would arrange a meeting of Senior officials of Finance Ministry  at Delhi so that ELTf can directly present the issues to find out the solutions.

Accordingly,  Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal organised a meeting at North Block on 16th March 2017.  Shri R N Dubey, (Economic Advisor to Department of Financial Services) and two other senior officials were present.  Shri Gautham represented Indian Banks Association (IBA).  Shri Meghwal presided over the meeting.  On behalf of ELTF, I made a presentation to the Minister and other Senior officials on the various problems faced by students.  

Hon'ble Minister and other officials listened patiently.  Minister also advised the officials to examine all the points and to submit a feedback to him.  While concluding the meeting, Hon'ble Minister siad, "You will find some changes shortly".  

ELTF thanks Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal for the keen  initiative taken by him to understand the problems and to find solutions.  

A brief report on the proceedings is attached.  Kindly go through the report.   You may kindly send feedback to me.

The report can be downloaded from this link.

A brief report on the meeting held at Ministry of Finance, New Delhi in the Chamber of Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon’ble Union Minister of State (Finance & CA) on Education Loan.

Date : 16th March 2017 – 1.00 PM
Present:  Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Shri R N Dubey (Economic Advisor, Department of Financial Services) with his team of Senior officials and Shri Gautham, representing IBA
K. Srinivasan, (Chairman, Prime Point Foundation and Convenor of Education Loan Task Force – ELTF) made a presentation to the Hon’ble Minister and other Senior officials on the problems faced by students in respect of implementation of Education Loan Scheme.

The gist of points presented by K. Srinivasan

Application Stage

The bank officials are not having sufficient knowledge about the Education Loan Scheme. Though Vidyalakshmi Portal is made compulsory, awareness is lacking on the part of students and bank officials.  IBA and the banks should create adequate awareness about the Vidyalakshmi Portal.  A mobile app can also be created for Vidyalakshmi Portal, to enable students to submit the applications through Mobile.

(At this stage, Hon’ble Minister intervened to say that State Level Bankers Committees and District Level Bankers Committees can create adequate awareness locally throughout India.  He also suggested the Ministry Officials and IBA to involve the social workers like ELTF in creating awareness.  Srinivasan suggested that April and May would be the right time to create awareness, as the students would be getting ready to pursue higher education.  Hon’ble Minister agreed with this suggestion)

Srinivasan informed that Banks were not deciding the loan applications within 15 to 30 days as per IBA norms.  Even the rejections are not done within the time, causing lot of inconvenience to the students.
(Hon’ble Minister advised the officials to examine this and to issue appropriate orders to follow IBA norms)

Interest Subsidy.

Srinivasan brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Minister that interest subsidy was not paid in full (100%) as promised by the Government.  Only a small portion was being paid.  Also, he pointed out that the banks have not claimed interest subsidy for the eligible students, thus depriving them of the subsidy.

(Hon’ble Minister advised the officials to arrange a meeting with MHRD officials on this subject.  He said, he would also discuss with Shri Prakash Javdekar, Hon’ble HRD Minister to improve the situation.)

Srinivasan informed the Hon’ble Minister that there was a delay between the bank’s receiving the amount from the Government and credit to the loan account.  He said that the students had to pay  interest unnecessarily.
Srinivasan suggested that instead of interest subsidy, the Government can consider ‘interest free education loans’ and fix some suitable norms.  

NPA and Repayment of Education Loan

Srinivasan pointed out that many banks artificially create NPAs by including the interest subsidy portion not received from the Government and also by pressurizing the students to repay the loan within short time.  He suggested that the Government should fix separate norms (for classification of NPA, rescheduling the EMI, etc.) for Education Loans and not to be treated as commercial loans.  Education Loans are for the future.  Presently, the students come out of the Colleges are burdened with huge debt and they are demotivated.  Banks also do not give proper counseling to the students.

(Hon’ble Minister at this stage advised the officials to discuss with RBI to examine whether separate norms can be fixed for Education loans, without applying the same norms of commercial loans.)

Srinivasan also brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Minister and the officials as to how State Bank of India was transferring the loan accounts to private agencies ARCs for recovery by offering huge concessions.  In turn, the ARCs also harass the students.  Srinivasan brought to the notice some of the students had committed suicide due to harassment of ARCs.   He submitted two appeals to Hon’ble Minister.  (1) Education loans should be kept away from the purview of ARCs and the banks should handle the recovery through legal methods and (2) possible nexus between the State Bank officials and the ARCs  should be examined in vigilance angle.

He further said that instead of offering huge concessions to ARCs in the name of cleaning up of ‘balance sheets’, State Bank of India could follow IBA guidelines by offering permitted  concessions to students.  That was why he said that ELTF demanded a vigilance probe on SBI to examine the possible nexus between the bank officials and the ARCs. 


Srinivasan suggested that a Monitoring Committee may be set up at National and State level to review the Education loan disbursements.  Social workers may also be involved in such committees, besides officials. 

(Hon’ble Minister agreed with this idea and  advised the officials to examine this suggestion)

Srinivasan suggested that Nodal officer / Grievances Cell may be set up at Zonal offices and the Head Offices of Banks immediately to redress the grievances of education loan applicants / borrowers.  Srinivasan quoted that when Dr K C Chakrabarthy was the Dy. Governor of RBI, he nominated in 2010 a CGM of RBI as Nodal Officer at RBI for Education Loan purposes and it was functioning effectively.   This was done on the suggestions of ELTF then.  Due to passage of time and due to transfers, this is not functioning.  He suggested that a Nodal Officer may be nominated both at RBI and at the Ministry exclusively for Education Loan purposes.

(Hon’ble Minister agreed with the suggestion of Nodal Officers at Zonal Offices and Head Offices of the Bank immediately. He also recalled that he himself made announcement at Chennai during the Interactive Session on 17th February 2017.   He advised the Ministry officials to issue directions to all banks immediately).

Srinivasan also requested to reduce the rate of interest for education loan.  He suggested a new institution like NABARD, SIDBI may be set up to refinance all Education Loans given by the Banks.  

Srinivasan concluded his presentation by appealing to Hon’ble Minister and other Senior Officials to issue directions to all the banks to scrupulously follow the IBA guidelines.  He said that the students and parents suffer due to the branches not following the IBA guidelines and due to lack of awareness among the bank officials.  He even pointed out that in many banks even senior officials were not aware of the IBA guidelines on Education Loan.


Hon’ble Minister Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal while concluding the discussion advised the Ministry Officials to examine all the suggestions carefully and give him feedback.  He concluded by assuring the ELTF Team saying, “You will find some changes shortly”

Prepared by K Srinivasan, Convenor, ELTF  www.eltf.in  info@eltf.in 


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