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Monday, 11 November 2013

PR helps to manage competition and ignoring PR during crisis will be disasterous

L to R: Jhon Arockiaswamy (GRI), Prime Point Srinivasan, Sakthi Prasanna (MSL Group).  Divya Ganesan (GRI) leading the discussion
L to R: Jhon Arockiaswamy (GRI), Prime Point Srinivasan,
Sakthi Prasanna (MSL Group).
Divya Ganesan (GRI) leading the discussion
Srishti jointly with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras organised a two day programme for students interested in entrepreneurship inviting various speakers on various themes.  
A panel discussion on  'Public Relations and Communication was also included as  one session.  

Prime Point Srinivasan (Prime Point Public Relations and Prime Point Foundation), Jhon Arokiaswamy (COO, Good Relations India P Limited), Sakthi Prasanna (Sr. Manager, MSL Group) and Divya Ganesan (Accounts Executive, Good Relations India P Limited) were the panelists, representing the four generations of public relations professionals in India.

Divya Ganesan moderated the discussions with lead presentation.  The discussions were held on the importance of Public Relations, strategies, tools, managing brand image through public relations, crisis management were discussed.  

Srinivasan also quoted as to how corporates cut the PR budget and PR time whenever they face crisis, leading to more expenditure and complicating the crisis. He said that this phenomenon is prevalent mostly in India due to lack of PR awareness among the educational institutions providing MBA courses and also among the Corporate CEOs.

Panelists appreciated Hari Balaji VR of Srishti for including PR as one of the sessions for the budding entrepreneurs.



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