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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Olympic Games 2008 - Day 1 - Press Centre

Mr Seshadri Sukumar, a Photo Journalist from Chennai, india reports exclusively for our blog from the Olympic village at China.

His report on the Day 1

It was too late yesterday. when I finished my work. it was 3.30 am

The media persons are well attended in Beijing. There are about 5900 journalists working in Beijing for their respective news papers of various countries. Managing this particular journalists population is very difficult, because the Journalists/photojournalists are always specious and argumentative.
Many Media Work Stations are provided in the Main Press Centre and all these are fully occupied by journalits to send their reports/photos. Kodak has a separate work stataion which they offer free for the Journalits/photographers. The speed of the Internet is superb
without which the photographs with high resolutions cannnot be transmitted immediately.
It is a nice experience meeting all the Photo Journalists/Journalists of various country at one place. Most of the faces are very familier, since I have been meeting them in similar
international games abroad.
(In the photograph, Seshadri Sukumar is seen standing in front of the Main Press Centre at Beijing)



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