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Friday, 17 September 2010

National Media Conference 2010 - Live Blogging - 17 Sep 2010

K. Srinivasan, Prime Point (Chennai) and Susan Koshy (Vice President, Southern Zone of Global Forum for Public Relations GFPR) reporting live from Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

It is past six o'clock in a shower-blessed evening at the Brahmakumaris' Centre, Shanthivan when the delegates from the media are given a warm reception. We find the attendance of several hundreds of them at the venue.

A prayer song has just been delivered followed by a colourful and animated dance recital.

B.K.Atam Prakash, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Mount Abu in his welcome address said that there has been various revolutionary changes that has taken place in India. However, the most important revolutionary change for our betterment is the imbibing of values in our lives.

Rajyogini Dr.B.K.Nirmala, Director, Gyan Sarovar Academy, Mount Abu, has given an inspirational talk as a blessing on the occasion.

B.K.Mrutujaya, Vice Chairperson, Education Wing, Brahmakumaris has now taken over at the podium, briefing the audience about the history, purpose and value beliefs of the Brahmakumaris. He is emphasising the role of the Brahmakumaris in bringing about a value-based education to the current generation of students.

He emphasises the importance of positive thinking and moral values while imparting education.

He heralds the role of the media as the medium in bringing the kind of news that influences people in their thinking, opinion and approach. The media therefore are moral guides. In the current world, deceit and corruption are being tolerated.

A proactive role by the media can influence in a big way in bringing back good life values. If we become source of spiritual light to eradicate the moral pollution, we can bring India back to its original spiritual glory, and also a new social world, clean from spiritual contamination. Thus B.K.Mrutujaya concluded his talk on a motivational note.

Rajyogini B.K.Usha, Sr.Rajyoga Teacher & Management Trainer, Brahmakumaris, in her greetings to the delegates, emphasises the importance of vision in our living. She says that a clear vision in our life would enable us to lead a purposeful life. The media has a crucial role in creating an awareness among the people about this. The media has a great responsibility in influencing the people positively with messages of peace and prosperity in order to establish a new society. There was a purpose in the delegates being in the profession of media broadcasting. This unique capability and responsibility has been recognised by God. The delegates need to recognise their responsibility.

People these days are wanting to experiment and do new things and new ventures. The media people can guide these people in their mission by guiding them through value based reporting and creating of proper awareness among them.

While conveying her good wishes to the delegates, she implores them to develop good attitudes and powerful thinking through meditation, which helps in this direction.

Rajyogi B.K.Munni, Programme Director, Brahmakumaris, Mount Abu says the place the delegates have arrived to is a pilgrimage centre, where one leaves something and also takes something from it. She asks them to leave behind any burden that they might have in life and might have carried along with them. And she implores them to take good from their experience during their stay here. Rajyogi Munni says she has been lucky to be associated with Gandhiji during his time and also with the Dadi Prakash Mani of the Brahmakumaris. She was glad to say that the Brahmakumaris has grown to be present in 8500 centres in over 130 countries with over 22000 dedicated brahmakumaris serving.

B.K.Karamchand, Zonal Coordinator, Chandigarh is presenting his vote of thanks. He says all the media should have an inculcation of positive approach, and play a role in uniting India, remove hypocricy in the society and influence it towards value-based existence. For this, the media should have a value-based working.

There will be panel discussions and dialogues during the two-day media conference. There will be dialogues for the print and electronic media, IT and PR. He is requesting the delegates to attend the morning sessions from 7am.  The centre houses the world's largest solar energy plant, as well as its 25000-capacity auditorium. He concluded with a request to the delegates for active participation during the conference.


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