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Saturday, 18 September 2010

National Media Conference 2010 - Inauguration: Sep 18, 2010

K.Srinivasan, Prime Point Foundation, Chennai, and Susan Koshy, Vice-President, GFPR, Southern Zone, Chennai reporting live from Mount Abu.

The Conference Room is fast filling up with the delegates as the inaugural session starts with an invocation song. B.K.Shashi, National Coordinator, Sports Wing, Mt. Abu welcomes the delegation. The official delegates of Brahmakumaris are assembled on the dais to welcome Justicoe G.N.Ray, Chairman, Press Council of India as the Chief Guest.

Rajyogini B.K.Dadi JankiJi, Chief of Brahmakumaris, Mt.Abu, has now taken her place on the dais.

The welcome ceremony is being graced by a classical dance recital.

On the dais are Rajyogini B.K.Dadi JankiJi, Chief of Brahmakumaris, Mt.Abu, Justice G.N.Ray, Chairman, Press Council of India, B.K. Om Prakash, Chairperson, Media Wing, Indore, Rajyogi B.K.Nirwair, Secy Genl, Bhahmakumaris, Mt.Abu and Rajyogi B.K.Karuna, Director, PR, IT & Communication, Mount Abu.

B.K.Om Prakash is delivering his welcome address.

He is speaking on the significance of vision in life. The highlight of the current world is corruption and negativity. The media has an important role in influencing the change needed in the current world. Presently, the media gives prominence in their coverage of the 4 Cs, viz, crime, cinema, cricket and celebrities with their sensations not necessarily of the positive nature. The media need to input information and education. To effect this change in the society, we need to change our mindset first.

We need to empower our souls through Rajyoga, enabling us to be empowered from above. The  media should be able to give the products positively productive in the society.

B.K.Karuna is invited to the podium to deliver the objectives of the Conference.

He speaks of the 24/7 role of the media, where news is on real time basis. Thus the media is high activity and stress profession. Therefore, the delegates are invited to the Conference to share 'no news'. They are invited to refresh and be energised for a more efficient execution of work once back to office. Dadiji's slogan "Give happiness and get happiness". Peace is also news... better news. Therefore, seminars, panel discussions and dialogues have been arranged with this objective in mind. In conclusion, he requests the delegates to take advantage of this opportunity.

B.K.Nirwair, who is a senior brother in the Brahmakumaris, is invited to share his wisdom in his greetings.

Expressing a very warm welcome, he reminds that the Media Conference is conducted annually, and the event is becoming more significant every time. He congratulated those delegates who are attending more than the first time.

B.K.Nirwair touches on the New Society.The New Society is one  with the Supreme God. However, the newspapers including the one he holds in his hand, contains derogatory information about prominent personalities of the country. There needs to be a realisation for good news.

 The function continued with the lighting of candles by the principal guests on the dais.

Justice Ray is now delivering his address to the delegates. He recalls his visit to the Brahmakumaris' (BK) centres in India and abroad. He lauds the role of the BKs in bringing about a new society that is positive and energised.

He observes that while the media is churning out news on a real time basis, what is the type of news and its impact on the people of the country? He reminiscences on the history of the media, especially the print medium. Today, media has become corporatised and influenced by the market forces. Media has become insensitive. Large scale abrasions have taken place in the media especially in the big media houses. The media as the watchdog of the nation and the conscience of the society, has now changed. Media has now trivialised news for the sake of sensation.

The media has a responsibility its reporting. This is generally not being observed due to the deterioration of values at work. He appears to the media to adhere to values in work. Profit will follow. As the fourth estate and the conscience keeper of the society, vision is primary. Values is primary. He appeals to the delegates to take a look at the state of affairs of the media. He expresses shock at the abrasion of the values by the media houses who resorted to paid reporting in the previous year's elections.

He feels communications is tainted in India. He appeals for serious introspection in media, before the society decides 'this much and no more' in tolerance of the media's tainted image. It is the solemn duty of
the media to adhere to values and ethics.

 Rajyogini B.K.Dadi Janki Ji is being invited to share her words of wisdom and her blessings. She is a tireless, 94-year old active and energised person who still travels round the world, meeting spiritual delegates.

Dadiji said she says 'Om Shanthi' thrice - one to say 'What am I', second is 'Who am I' and third 'Why am I'.

She talks of the teachings of the Supreme Father. She says in spite of reading the many scriptures since 5 years old, she felt ignorant. Today, touching on the compliment that she is of stable mind in spite of her age, she says her focus in life is clear. Be not deceived and do not deceive. We must 'realise' ie. look internally at ourselves. We may be aware about others. We must instead be looking internally and be honest with ourselves. We must transform to be transparent and be truthful. This leads to happiness and removes depression. When we transform and improve, the world will transform and improve. What we need to do, we need to do today and not postpone. Baba used to say, 'if not now, then never'.

We need peace and love. Where there is peace, there is power. We need courage and patience too. With the power to lead the life, we need to lead others to peace. Let us recognise ourselves as children of God.

She concluded with a three-minute silence and meditation with the delegates.

The function concluded.


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